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Monokoto Store | Stationery Box

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Monokoto Store | Stationery Box

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This is a wooden toolbox, great for storing rubber stamps, washi tapes and small keepsakes.

Main compartment is divided in two, designed to hold frequently used washi tapes, rubber stamps, scissors, etc. It is tall enough to store a 3cm high stamps.

A small removable inner box is perfect for storing stamps, clips, and other small items.

This toolbox is made by Gakunan Woodworking Plant, Inc. in Shizuoka Prefecture, which has been manufacturing various wooden products such as first aid kits for many years. Using a wood joinery technique called Ararehozogumi, they created a durable and beautiful toolbox.
The box is made of Castor aralia wood with beautiful natural grain.

Each box is carefully crafted one by one by skilled craftsmen. Great quality that you can own for a long time!

W292mm x H87mm x L157mm
(Inner box) W140mm x H20mm x L78mm

Castor aralia wood/ Plywood(Bottom)

Made in Japan

Please note...
・Due to the use of natural materials, the actual color, grain and size may vary slightly from the one as shown on the website.
・Castor aralia wood is a material with a beautiful wood grain. Please enjoy the patterns that nature creates.
・Do not place it in excessively dry or humid conditions.

Monokoto Store, Japan

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